The ‘Invisible Dead’ Project Conference: “Engaging with the dead: exploring changing human beliefs about death, mortality and the human body”

The project is set for a busy few months of preparing conference papers, analyzing and writing up results and publishing our findings and so we wanted to take this opportunity to announce our upcoming project conference in June 2014, entitled:

“Engaging with the dead: exploring changing human beliefs about death, mortality and the human body” 

The conference will be hosted by the Department of Archaeology, Durham University from Friday 6th until Sunday 8th June and attendance will be free of charge. In addition to the two days of academic papers (check out the provisional programme at, there will be two public lectures, which promise to be particularly exciting events!

Kicking off on Friday 6th June 2014, Professor Peter Pfälzner from the University of Tübingen will be delivering a lecture on the finds from Qatna in Syria. He will be discussing the role of continuity and long-term funerary processes associated with two royal burial places at this site. This lecture will be followed by a public reception to be held at the Oriental Museum in Durham.

Excavating at Qatna, Image courtesty of Peter Pfalzner.

Excavations at Qatna, Syria. Image courtesy of Peter Pfälzner.

On Saturday 7th June 2014, Professor Mike Parker Pearson from University College London will be talking about some of his perspectives on funerary archaeology; the diversity of post-mortem practices used in the past to delay or even prevent burial and some of the problems that these practices might cause for the archaeological record.

Cladh Hallan for blog

Bronze Age composite burial from Cladh Hallan, Western Isles of Scotland. Image courtesy of Mike Parker Pearson

The conference abstract, full provisional programme and registration forms for the events can be found at: and we are asking people to confirm their attendance for both the academic conference, as well as the public lectures.

We are really looking forward to sharing some of our own exciting discoveries during these events, but for those of you who can’t make it we will also be writing new posts over the next few months to let you know about some of our findings and hopefully, you will then let us know what you think about them.

So keep reading the blog and we hope to see as many of you as possible at the public lectures/academic conference in June 2014!!

The ‘Invisible Dead’ project team



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